The Beauty of Blogging

The Beauty of Blogging

Cecilia & Pheary Watkins, Grateful Leadership blog comment contributors

I recently wrote a post called “Opportunities for Acknowledgment Are All Around Us”. While it was a shorter post, the idea was massive, and more importantly, it proved the immense impact a simple acknowledgment can have on us all. And if you for some reason don’t believe me, read the comments section of that post, because that alone is proof of what gratitude and acknowledgment can bring forth. Allow me to explain further…

Cecilia Watkins is a woman I have never met before, but because of our mutual admiration for all things acknowledgment, we’ve built a true connection in a matter of weeks! Read the below interaction between Cecilia and myself and you’ll see just how quickly acknowledgment spreads!

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Comment: “Opportunities for Acknowledgement Are All Around Us” | Cecilia Watkins, February 3, 2014

Kyle Dowling - Resume  (2) - Shortcut.lnkThank you your positive attitude and for acknowledging the importance of “acknowledging.” A little story about why I am writing to you today. I have been married for 28 years to the most magnificent, intelligent, sensational, and sexiest man on the face of the earth. He is always learning something new and expanding his intellect. Just recently, he embarked on an additional journey of self-improvement (communication, reading, and just on being happy within his self as well as in expressing happiness). I came across “The Power of Acknowledgment Valentine’s Day Gift Bundle” and decided my husband might enjoy reading them. I just mentioned to him that I had gotten this package for him. Judith, you should have seen his expression of gratitude. His smile was pure and delightful! I just want to say thank you! This is just the beginning! I can just imagine the joy that will emanate from his soul as he reads them all. Muchisisimas Gracias!!!

My Reply: Dear Cecilia, You can’t imagine what an amazingly positive impact your comment made on me! First of all, your husband sounds a lot like mine (we have been married 46 years!) and I thank my lucky stars that I have someone so open to growth and expanding his awareness. Your acknowledgment of your husband really made me smile — no wonder the two of you have such a great sounding relationship! I also thank my lucky stars that you both recognize the value of acknowledgment and want to learn more and more about it. I see that as a desire to learn how to best share its importance and power with others. I count you in on IIL’s “change the world for the better” team, and I would LOVE a photo of the two of you, either with or without the acknowledgment gift bundle when it arrives. Of course if you send the latter, I will request your permission to post it! I acknowledge you and your husband for your caring contributions to each other and to humanity. Hugs to you both, Judy

I then posted a Valentine’s Day blog. Just a little note to let you all know how appreciative I am for your continuing support. And to my pleasant surprise… look what came IIL’s way!

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Comment:A Valentine’s Day Message…” | Cecilia Watkins, February 15, 2014

Judy, thank you for helping make gratitude and appreciation a part of my everyday life! This is the best Valentine anyone could have! Con muchisimo cariño, Cecilia X0

My Reply: Dear Cecilia, It is so wonderful to have you accept my invitation to “Be my Valentine”! And I know that you are already carrying the message of acknowledgment and its power with you wherever you go. I look forward to traveling on this wonderful journey with you. In love and light, Judy Judith Umlas.

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And to again show the spreading power of acknowledgment, here is when Cecilia’s husband, Pheary, chimed in!

Comment | Pheary Watkins, February 17, 2014

Judy, I hope I have the honor to meet you sometime soon. My wife just purchased your Valentine book special, and I am truly looking forward to reading them all. I want you to know that Valentine’s Day is not just today; with Cecilia, it is every day! Sincerely, Pheary

My Reply: Dear Pheary, I am so pleased to meet you at least virtually, and look forward to hearing your reaction to the books! It sounds like you and your wife have an acknowledgment-filled relationship and that is the best kind there is! All the best, Judy

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And the final, beautiful comment | Pheary Watkins

Hello Judy,

Wishing you a splendid day today!  Let me share with you how the power of acknowledgment just recently touched my life.

As my wife, Cecilia, mentioned earlier to you, I truly enjoy learning new things every day. Just recently, I started a new journey at becoming a better reader, communicating more effectively, and just learning how to be happier and express this happiness.

At my school and the gym, I have been working at my smile and have also been speaking with other students and club members. I have been experimenting with different ways to approach them and acknowledge them in a meaningful way. One of the club members, Robert, was sincerely touched by our conversation; he thanked me with a deep voice, and a big genuine smile.  It was obvious to me how the undivided attention and care I provided to him at that moment made a huge difference to Robert, and how it made him feel validated and important.

I did not realize the thirst I had for acknowledgement until I tasted the power and flavor of the acknowledgment I gave to him and the difference it made to him… which in turn made a difference to me.”

Thank you Judy for spreading the word. If acknowledgment can touch me the way it did, I can just imagine what it can do when spread around the world!


PS: Yes, I am the one: ‘the most magnificent, intelligent, sensational, and sexiest man in the face of the earth,’ in my wife’s eyes, that is…”

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And now I say to Pheary, and to all of you who take this message forward and live by its light, you sum up this work and its power when you talk about the difference your acknowledgment meant to someone, and which, in turn, made a difference to you. That is the foundation and substance of…the Power of Acknowledgment! Go and celebrate it, as I know you will!

Until the next time…

Judy Umlas