Random Acts Of Kindness Day


In honor of today being “National Random Act of Kindness Day,” I share this wonderful example of such an act with you! Sabrina Harmon is Senior Training Program Manager for  SourceAmerica, one of the country’s leading sources of job opportunities for people with significant disabilities. She has led one membership-offered Book Club on Grateful Leadership, and another on The Power of Acknowledgment. As a result of this, it is clear that she has “caught the fever!” I am happy to report her wonderful example of this that she recounted in a recent email to me:

“I want you to know that I have been busy acknowledging people all over the place!!!  It’s wonderful for the receiver as well as the giver!!!  I was at the grocery store and asked if a cashier lane was open.  A young woman said, “My lane is open; the light is not working.” I replied, “But, I can see the light of your smile and it’s certainly bright!”  She just beamed after that comment and was much more engaged with me.  Love, love, love it.” 

I find this “random act of kindness” both awesome and amazing! I’m so proud of Sabrina, and all of you  who take the opportunity to change someone’s day — and maybe their life — with an acknowledgment!!!