Some “Good News” from Quarantine

Time has had a way of getting away from me lately. I know I’m not alone; I see posts and jokes and memes about this issue from all over the world on the internet. With homeschool coming to a close for us next week, doing “end of the year” wrap-up and catching up on all the necessary tasks to be completed before the year ends has been a challenge. So, because of that, my contribution this month will be short and sweet. I just wanted to share a small thing I’ve been very grateful for over the last 7 weeks which have been filled with uncertainty, and bad news from all over the globe. In this “new normal” a lot of celebrities have taken to producing their own shows from home. Personally, I find a lot of it more entertaining than their regular shows, that even though we don’t really watch because it’s rare for us to watch regular television, there are a few we enjoy catching up on from time to time.

John Krasinski, better known as “Jim” from the show The Office, has created a new show from his home called “Some Good News”. It’s about a 20 to 30-minute show that focuses on wholesome and positive news which is a refreshing change from almost all other talk shows these days. His wife (better known as the new Mary Poppins) and kids assist him in this production. It’s family friendly and humorous enough to keep everyone laughing (and sometimes crying good tears!) throughout the entire segment. It’s been a small light in this quarantine tunnel, and he really gives people a reason to be grateful and encourages others to have gratitude in this harrowing time. So, if you have some time, give this show a watch and I encourage you to share things on the Grateful Leadership Facebook page that you’ve found to be Grateful for that wouldn’t have existed without the quarantine, that give us a little bit to be grateful for.