Virtual Grateful Leadership – May 2020 Acrostic

Get the Right Attitude Through Gratitude

By Harry Waldron


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MAY 2020 Acrostic



“VIRTUAL GRATEFUL LEADERSHIP” During May, most professionals had to quickly adapt to working from home, rather than closely together in an office setting. This sudden & radical change happened so quickly, that it is challenging technically & from a management perspective.  Grateful Leadership works effectively in virtual mode also, when team members are supported, affirmed, and appreciated.  Virtual workers value their jobs more than ever, and it has been an overall success during even challenging times.  The IIL blogs have several recent & informative articles on how to implement & effectively lead virtual teams.


Value team members gratefully, as they work thru difficult circumstances

Inspire the team with positive thinking, that outshines the worries & concerns

Remember to acknowledge & appreciate others during videos, calls, or email

Teach team members to work in unity under brand new circumstances

Understand that many people have concerns – beyond just working alone

Accept some shortcomings of not being in an office, make the most of each day

Laugh & even have some fun, so nervous workers adapt more comfortably


Get together often, communicate clearly, and define expectations well

Reach out individually, so that any special private concerns are addressed

Always be considerate to essential workers on the front-lines

Telecommuting can become monotonous & fine tuning is always important

Encouragement & frequent contact help keep remote workers engaged

Find methods to sprinkle in acknowledgment & gratitude for the virtual team

Use time effectively & focus on each new day to get the most accomplished

Let the “golden rule” apply when there is a need to resolve personnel issues


Leaders must learn new best practices in managing virtual teams

Excellent podcasts, articles, and advice can be found on our CGL website

As layoffs are sometimes necessary, do these in a loving & supportive manner

Design time schedules, meetings, & tasks that are optimal for team members

Each member of your virtual team is a valuable asset, rather than an expense

Remember to be extra appreciative, as folks go the second mile in difficult times

Smile, you’re on “zoom webcam” – maintain a clean, professional appearance

Hear the advice & concerns of team members, as a vital part of communications

Is there someone i need to better acknowledge or appreciate today?

Power of positive thinking will prevail, as best minds in world will solve this