The Agile Home

by Roxi Nevin

One of my favorite long-term goals is one of several planned books that I hope to one day publish. Though I have many “in the works”, the one I am most excited about will cover my journey and techniques for using project management to manage my home. If you think about it, a home IS a project. Your family is your team. With the right methods, you can run your home (and your family) as smoothly and efficiently as a machine.

Over the years I have come very near to perfecting these methods. It has been a trial and error along that path, but I am proud of how far we have come, and how easily we manage everything a family of 6 must manage. I take pride in the way my friends question me about our methods wanting more information about how they too can accomplish such organization and efficiency. Though I do get some laughs when I tell people my kids use Trello boards, a popular digital Kanban board type tool used in project management.

I had originally planned to focus this book around using project management in parenting, but quickly realizing that limiting it to that central theme left a lot of useful information out of the spotlight, and the parenting side does not even begin to cover managing a home in totality. And of course, I could not write about being the leader of my home project without writing about how using grateful leadership methods in parenting, so I plan to use many of my blog posts here within my book.

Due to some large and long-term current projects on my plate, writing has been on the backburner for some time. But my recent work with Jim Trela on his CGL webinar presentation gave me a renewed energy and passion for putting together the “guts” of my book into a formal outline and pursuing an actual path to publishing. I am also patiently waiting for Hillary Kenney’s “Project Management for Parents” upcoming book release that I plan to use as a reference in both in my daily life, and my book.

I will release part 2 together once I have a bit more of an outline and I’ll discuss some of the resources I’ve used along the way as well as a bit about how Grateful Leadership is instrumental in guiding kids to cooperate with formal and structured home management practices. I’d love to hear from other project managers and writers with tips, advice, encouragement, any little thing that helps along the way! Tell us in the comments what interesting methods do you use when managing your home!