The Greatest Acknowledgments Come in Many Forms

JudyLilith 2Last week, I had the great pleasure of camping with my family in the woods of New Jersey (except for the flash flood on the first night, where we watched our shoes float away in about four inches of water).

At one point, I was singing a song to my two-year-old granddaughter, Lilith. She was sitting on my lap and when I finished “Tra La La, Tweedle Dee Dee” (she loves songs from the ‘50s) she turned her bright little face up toward mine, made the most direct eye contact imaginable and commanded, “Again!” I sang this song once more. When it was done, she made the same eye contact, with a little smile as she said forcefully, “Again!” Well, I received about 20 “Again’s” (literally) until there was some distraction, which I might have had something to do with creating. But her enthusiastic “Again!” and the total love and appreciation in her eyes made me feel like the most cherished and adored person on the planet. And in those moments, to little Lilith, I know I was.

The “lesson” I learned, and that I share with you, is to be open to the acknowledgments that come to us all the time from many different and unexpected places. They are gifts that are given to us with no expectation of a return, except in this case, perhaps another round of “Tra La La Tweedle Dee Dee.” Enjoy them from wherever and whenever they come. They are truly precious in all their forms!