Winds of Change – March 2020 Acrostic

“WINDS OF CHANGE” – During March, the spring or fall season arrives, depending on where we live. And it is often a windy month due to major temperature differences when either cold or warm fronts arrive.  And there are “winds of change” to replace old-fashioned line management styles of the 1950s.  Grateful Leadership provides a more human & professional approach that is “blowing in the wind”.   Grateful Leadership is based on acknowledgment & gratitude, instead of an authoritarian style that relies solely on fear & pressure. May the winds of change allow these improved leadership concepts to spread further in the future

Watch your team perform better using the art of grateful leadership

 Inspire & uplift others as a best leadership practice for 2020

New leadership skills can be gained thru podcasts, articles, and webinars

Don’t let difficulties spoil a good day – go out & make some lemonade 

Share a positive & professional & mentoring leadership style

Offer appreciation & acknowledgment, and employees will blossom later

Find ways to promote unity, teamwork & positive leadership in 2020

Communicate creatively using “grateful email” to virtual team members

Help struggling employees kindly & professionally in getting back on track

Acknowledgment & gratitude must be authentic & used wisely in proper setting

Never overlook disciplinary needs, instead guide kindly for their future success

Give twice the amount of time to listening & even read email more carefully

Every seed planted must be nurtured to grow fruit – this applies to teams also