A Perfect Fortune…from a Cookie!

I must have gotten hundreds of fortunes from cookies in the past, but when I got this one, I nearly whooped with recognition and joy! Someone who wrote that one really knew my work and my life! They got it so correct that it gave me goose bumps!

I felt this to the extreme last week when I was invited to come to Fort Bragg to speak to about 60 chaplains in the U.S. Army about Grateful Leadership and The Power of Acknowledgment. Numerous people in the Army are beginning to see this work as a means of dealing with the terrible and painful problem of military suicides, the numbers of which keep climbing. We are launching a pilot program at the U.S. Army base in Fort Drum, New York to test this out. In speaking with the chaplains at Fort Bragg, I felt that I had discovered for myself and was carrying out the mission I was truly put on this planet to achieve. In doing whatever I can do to help make the world a place in which people feel acknowledged and valued for their contributions, their gifts and talents, I am loving what I do and deeply feeling that it matters. And it’s true — nothing I could do has the potential to matter more!