Acknowledgment Warms The Heart

ACKNOWLEDGMENT is the theme for the month of June. Summer is a time of sunshine, beaches, and hot weather. And even in Southern Hemisphere, there may be a need to seek warmth, as winter soon begins. Thus, in our human relationships – lifting up one another will warm the hearts of the team. Remember to acknowledge and appreciate one another each day

– Harry Waldron

Accentuate the positive accomplishments of others

Celebrate & reward successful teamwork, during all stages of a project  

Kind words are foundations of support during challenging times

Never forget to say “thank you”

Organize, plan, and execute projects using a theme of grateful leaderhip

Wait patiently & strive daily to build better human relationships  

Look forward to the future & less to the past, when tackling issues

Embarrass someone in a good way – using the power of acknowledgment

Get more satisfaction out of each day, with a positive attitude

Make lemonade out of the lemons, during difficult circumstances

Embrace affirmation & gratitude, as you grow leadership skills

Navigate through difficult times, in a spirit of friendship

Tune into a weekly cgl podcast, to learn more about acknowledgment

When someone is discouraged, give them a word of encouragement

Affirm team members individually & collectively

Refine your project management skills, to become more people-friendly

Make the hidden contributions of others more visible & appreciated

Sunny days on the beach are created through gentle breezes & sunshine

Take time to recognize & appreciate others creatively each day

Help executives learn about the advantages of grateful leadership

Each acknowledgment & act of gratitude builds trust & loyalty

Help the team work in synergy, as it excels over individual efforts         

Exceptional results occur by devoting time to people instead of tasks

Acknowledgment tells the good performer, to “keep on keeping on”

Recall how affirmation warms your heart & pass it on to others

The leader who inspires their team, is the best choice for future projects