Climb Aboard the CGL Express – January 2020 Acrostic

Get the Right Attitude Through Gratitude

Climb Aboard the CGL Express

January 2020 Acrostic
By Harry Waldron

A challenging New Year & decade have just arrived. And it is even more important to manage individuals in a kinder-and-gentler way — that will foster dedication, teamwork, and unity. The Center for Grateful Leadership (CGL) offers an excellent array of resources, education, and opportunities to improve your leadership & interpersonal skills. So, climb aboard the “CGL Express” for an exciting ride in 2020!

Commit to improved grateful leadership in 2020
Lead by example & best practices – and not just by words alone
Invest in leadership skill improvements – as a great way to succeed in 2020
Make time for CGL education through podcasts, articles & webinars
Believe in others & help them stretch, with kindness – to grow in skills & teamwork

All acts of kindness & recognition are uplifting & noticed by others
Be one who listens more than they speak in communicating with others
Often a spirit of unity & teamwork solves problems
Acknowledge how training or a project runs better – when we create unity
Real benefits occur during the journey – as well as the final destination
Devote time for grateful leadership “lessons learned” & ways to improve in 2020

Take time to affirm & appreciate each person who helps along the way
Have a happier new year, by sprinkling in smiles, kindness, and gratitude
Each year offers new opportunities to grow as leaders & human beings

Continuous improvement builds quality in all we do – including leadership
Grateful leadership represents the best of modern management practices
Love is the answer to many of our problems

Engineers on the “CGL express” have created podcasts, webinars & articles
X-ray our hearts — and then add gratitude & affirmation where needed
Personal improvements & change are challenging – still go for the gold in 2020
Reward superior accomplishments & more good results will be on the way
Each thank you & affirmation will fuel the train, for a successful arrival
Smile and brighten someone’s day with kindness
Set out in 2020 to “make someone’s day” in a grateful way