Get the Right Attitude Through Gratitude – January 2021 Acrostic

“GRATEFUL BEGINNINGS”A new year of 2021 awaits us with both its challenges & opportunities.  Will it be a better year than 2020? It is important to note that the challenges of 2020 won’t go away on their own. 2021 will only become a better year – when folks learn to treat each other better than they did in 2020. Grateful Leadership & accepting our diversities for the greater good are two ways we can build a better world in 2021

Gratitude & acknowledgment can help us meet the challenges of 2021 

Real improvements in teamwork center around grateful leadership

Acknowledgment & appreciation will carry us thru difficult times

Trust is built on a foundation of grateful relationships

Embrace new ideas focusing on the greater good a diverse team can accomplish

Follow the path of gratitude & those not engaged will become fully connected   

Understanding improves when we listen twice as long as we speak

Let grateful leadership improve team unity & productivity during 2021         

Begin 2021 leading others more compassionately & team results will improve

Each new day should start & end with thanks — with plenty of it in-between

Give compliments & appreciation for each job that is well done  

Influence others to adopt grateful leadership practices in 2021

Never forget the power of those 2 magic words – “thank you

Never forget the power of those 3 magic words – “I acknowledge you

Improving how we treat others in 2021 will help make it a better year & world

New grateful leadership opportunities abound in 2021 

Gratitude is a “gift that will keep on giving” in 2021

Set high expectations for the year ahead & guide those results gratefully