Grateful Giving – December 2020 Acrostic

GRATEFUL GIVING – The holiday season is ahead and is celebrated worldwide with gift-giving. Many different faiths celebrate this holy season with a spirit of gratitude and love and diversity. The gift of relationships goes further than the physical presents we receive during the holidays. We can even start small – by 1st practicing within our families in the spirit of “Grateful Parenting.” And from that genuine foundation – we can expand Grateful Leadership concepts to our friends and work associates & beyond.

Give the long-lasting gifts of acknowledgment & gratitude to others.

Relationships are just as important as paychecks to retain good employees.

Acknowledge the gift of dedicated team members during difficult times.

Trust is built on a foundation of affirmation & appreciation.

Embrace diversity & creativity so that team contributions grow overall.

Find innovative ways to express grateful leadership within our virtual teams.

Understanding others starts with listening, which helps build relationships.

Lead others gratefully & compassionately – it sets a good example for the team.


Grateful days can occur in difficult times when our attitudes are positive.

Invest in continuing education – it is one of the best investments one can make.

Virtual teams need innovative expressions of affirmation & gratitude.

Influencing the human side of project management aids on the task side as well.

New grateful leadership opportunities are all around as we enter 2021.

Gratitude is the “gift that keeps on giving”.