Happy Birthday CGL – An Acrostic

On June 14th, 2018 the Grateful Leadership Center (CGL) website celebrated its second anniversary.  Please visit this excellent site often for new podcasts, articles, discussion forums, and monthly live meeting dates. 

Happiness comes from what we can give, rather than receive

Always stay positive and seek inspiring role models

Podcasts share better ways to acknowledge and appreciate others

People are the most important resource in any project – inspire them

You can visit the Grateful Leadership center conveniently for assistance


Believe in goodness and ultimate potential of others

Invest in yourself, what better investment can you make for the future?

Roxi provides a great helping hand, as webmaster & meeting facilitator

Two years ago, the website started to build upon the themes in Judy’s books

Happy Birthday Judy and CGL – as June is a month we can be grateful for

Don’t leave home without gratitude and acknowledgment

Appreciate the team collectively and individually

You can help heal a divided and polarized world through gratitude


Continue your education, growing in knowledge, wisdom and appreciation

Grow professionally by improving interpersonal skills

Learn and grow professionally, as an active member of the site


And while we cannot easily overcome some of the negative impacts, we can make a concerted effort to do the best we can each.

Glass ½ full or ½ empy

Our best way to express appreciation is through direct one-on-one interaction.  However, time and distance are often challenging factors.  And we may also work remotely with talented professionals in distant countries.  Written communications can convey acknowledgement and appreciation, when it is impractical to be there in person.

The following techniques can help share affirmation and appreciation in our written communications:

GRATEFUL example our pastor shared in THKG message … one of our members is in constant pain, legally blind, etc., but shared gratitude even though his future may be limited.  “Joe” shared of a day this spring, where he loves flowers but he can no longer see them.  Still some of children set him out in the lawn — and he planted as he supervised planting of 100 bulbs.  He described a warm day & how he could make out shade of grass, and he saw where sky & horizon met that day for 1st time in a while.  That was one of his best recent days ever — and we ourselves take so much for granted.

Daily, we have numerous opportunities to share acknowledgement and gratitude in our written communications.  This applies both at work or home.   What we share in writing should be reflective of how we truly feel about ourselves and others.  And we should need to practice daily those concepts often, as we take on each new day with grateful hearts.