Heal the World – April 2020 Acrostic

by Harry Waldron

HEAL THE WORLD” – During April, there is a world-wide need for healing & restoration. And each of us is a part of a worldwide team to help with: social distancing, hygiene best practices, and our prayers. And even during worst of times – the best of humanity rises to the top, like the cream in coffee. Appreciation & affirmation help encourage those on front lines & it is truly deserved as well. Years ago, Michael Jackson wrote one of my favorite songs “Heal the World” with a goal of improved unity, peace, and a better world for all (i.e., turning our swords into plowshares). And we cannot think of a better framework than Grateful Leadership to help lead us in the containment & recovery process ahead.

Help new virtual workers adapt to new challenges patiently & gratefully
Even with virtual teams far apart, grateful leadership can bind them together
Affirm & appreciate your virtual team, as they face issues beyond the workplace
Let the focus be to “make most of each new day” & not worry about tomorrow

Thank & affirm virtual team members in creative new ways
Helping others always brings out “the best” in humanity during difficult times
Each one of us plays a critical role as a “world-wide team” to defeat the virus

We need to be kind to those on the front-lines
Often encouragement & contact will help relieve remote workers’ concerns
Reach out often to each member of your virtual team & collectively to all
Let virtual team members know their responsibilities by clearly communicating
Dwell on the theme that better days are ahead, as a positive outlook helps