Love is the Answer – February 2020 Acrostic

Get the Right Attitude Through Gratitude

by Harry Waldron

During February, we celebrate the month of LOVE.  And acts of kindness are one of the best answers for Grateful Leadership challenges as we work with others.  Sometimes just by sharing kind words, politeness, appreciation, support, and unity – a difficult situation can be turned around.  Lemons can magically change into lemonade when human resources are treated as valuable “asset” – rather than as an “expense”. Grateful Leadership is based on acknowledgment & gratefulness – which are foundations of kindness toward one another, in spite of our many differences

Lift up others with loving and kindness & help them grow professionally in 2020

One “thank you” can make all the difference in encouraging our team members

Visit the CGL website, and build new skills with podcasts, articles, and webinars  

Encourage team members to grow & not just go thru the motions of work

Invest in the nurturing & welfare of our valuable team members  

Several times each day, opportunities exist to exercise grateful leadership

Thanking others should be so habitual, that it becomes an automatic process

Harvest a spirit of kindness, unity & teamwork – as keys for success in 2020        

Each leader must shepherd their team with kindness, unity & professionalism

A kind word of encouragement helps calm troubled waters

Nurture the struggling team member, just as a parent does with children

Smiles, politeness & sensitivity makes us human & we are not just a number   

What great employees want is “a chance” to prove they have the right stuff   

Encouragement yields more fruit & future growth than criticism  

Recognize superior work & “make someone’s day” in a grateful way J