Color My World With Gratitude – October 2019 Acrostic

Get the Right Attitude Through Gratitude

October Acrostic
by Harry Waldron


– In the northern hemisphere we are awed by the colorful landscape of autumn, and likewise spring flowers arrive in southern lands. My better half and I love the song by Chicago called “Color my world (with love)”. As we look at the issues of our world, it needs to be healed through with more unity, understanding, peace and a focus on strengths rather than differences. Acknowledgment & gratitude are tools that can make a difference. Each day presents a new opportunity to make a dull workplace more colorful by simply saying “thanks” and “giving credit where credit is due”

Communications that are positive & encouraging lead to team success
Offer listening ears & sprinkle in a dash of acknowledgment & gratitude
Leaves display bright fall colors & we need to color someone’s world
Our day-by-day conduct shows how we truly feel about others
Reputations are built over time & always stay cool to hold things together

Make someone’s day – in a grateful way
Your encouragement may lead to victory during challenging times

Winning teams get the best from everyone, by working in a spirit of unity
One person can make an important difference as a grateful leader
Rely on the power of positive thinking to solve the most complex problems
Lift up others & acknowledge all of their noteworthy contributions
Devote a few minutes in continuing education thru weekly CGL podcasts

When we show appreciation, the team is inspired to higher levels of success
In our daily path are many individuals that deserve acknowledgment
Teach traditional managers the better way of grateful leadership
High quality & project success are a result of people working in synergy

Grateful leadership connects the leader & team together more effectively
Reward & acknowledge great contributions for the team & individually
Acknowledgment requires daily practice & opportunities are all around us
There are less muscles used to smile, as we were designed that way
Influence your team & customers by being more polite & kind to each other
Take time to count our blessings, as we have a million of them
Unity occurs thru a focus on goals & overlooking personal differences
During stormy times, the tools of grateful leadership calm the waters
Each new day is a gift to celebrate in gratitude — so make the most of it