Power of Acknowledgement – an acrostic

People are most important resource for a project

Others behind the scenes, contribute to success

Welcome ideas and participation from others

Everyone wins when we work together

Remember to say thank you often


One acknowledgement can make a difference

Follow best management practices, blending in gratitude & affirmation


Affirm others when things go well

Confirm when a job is well done

Kind words are a “bridge over troubled waters”

Note the accomplishment of others

Offer support when needs surface

Welcome input from others

Listen to the needs of others

Encourage growth in stretching to a new potential

Don’t hog all the glory, as the team helped score the winning goal

Grow improved skills in others through encouragement

Excel in your career, by taking others with you

Managers can only be as successful as their team

Excellent people are the difference makers for projects

Never forget to count your blessings

Treat others professionally, kindly, and gratefully