Thankful Hearts – November 2020 Acrostic

Get the Right Attitude through Gratitude

By Harry Waldron

“Quiet Evening” – painting by Mary Pettis

Thankful Hearts – In the USA & even a few more nations set aside a day of Thanksgiving. That same grateful spirit should flow world-wide EACH DAY to count our many blessings. Even in the midst of the difficult year of 2020, there is still so much to be thankful for. Each day can become a “great” & “grateful” day — as we acknowledge & express gratitude to all those around us

Thankful people count their many blessings, even in a difficult year like 2020

Hold fast to the best practices of grateful leadership & grow as a leader

Accentuate and appreciate each team member’s accomplishments  

Native Americans & pilgrims came together in a spirit of thankfulness

Kindness paves the way in building successful relationships & teamwork  

Feel that spirit of the 1st thanksgiving – and pass it on to someone else

Unity for a team is built on the foundation of grateful leadership

Listening is a communications skill that shows compassion for others



Help make someone’s day “great” & “grateful” J

Emails starting with “thank you” help acknowledge & appreciate others

Affirm & thank others often – as all jobs became more difficult in 2020

Recognition & appreciation can conquer “the dark side of the force”

Thanks+giving = pilgrims & native Americans gratefully shared together in 1621

Scrum masters can improve projects thru the “agility” of grateful leadership