Affirm and Grow – April 2021 Acrostic

By Harry Waldron

Affirmation is both acknowledge + gratitude wrapped together.  It encourages superior performance.  Gardeners have noted, “talk to your plants & they will grow even better.”  And that analogy is an HR best practice for 2021. There is even some “science” — as plants actually thrive on extra CO2. The team leader is like a gardener – who waters, nurtures, and affirms with patience. hat positive light allows professionals to grow in the skills, contributions, synergy, and value for the organization.

Acknowledge superior effort as it encourages repeat performances 

Find time to affirm, thank, and connect with team members virtually 

Forests start from small seedlings – plant the seeds of grateful leadership 

Investing in people is more important than technology or equipment

Remember to acknowledge the team & its members on successful projects 

Make the start of each new day a positive one & you will grow as a leader


An inclusive leader binds diverse individuals into a united team that succeeds

Never neglect constructive critique when needed – just do it more gratefully

Devote time as a leader in getting to know team members better


Give twice as much time to listening than speaking  

Recognizing others will result in grateful leader’s skills being recognized 

Only the “positive” terminal on a battery will start a car

When murphy’s law occurs, acknowledge superior effort even if not successful