Color the World Gratefully – October 2020 Acrostic

In our northern hemisphere, the colorful landscape of autumn magically appears.  While spring flowers arrive in southern lands.  The classical rock group Chicago had a hit song called “Color my world” in 1969.   And the song lyrics share a need for improved respect, peace, love, and human relationships.   Gratitude & acknowledgment are key leadership tools to help make that difference.  Each day presents a new opportunity to make a dull workplace more colorful by offering “thanks” and “giving credit where credit is due”

Constantly focus on positive & encouraging daily leadership    

Offer aknowledgment individually & collectively to the entire team  

Leaders can color someone’s world with compliments for a job well done

Our leadership should uplift & affirm the team in taking on difficult challenges

Renew your leadership style to be more positive & people-oriented

Take time to learn about cgl leadership thru webinars, podcasts & articles

Helping members of a team succeed propels leaders to grow in their own career  

Encouragement “colors the world” which needs light on some of the dark days   

When grateful leadership is used, it builds respect & rapport   

One thank you will make two people feel good

Rely on the power of positive thinking, as a key tool to combat negativity

Lift up members in our new virtual teams creatively to build morale

Devote time in building good relationships as it pays off in future projects  

Grateful leadership is a colorful addition in the work place

Remember to be thankful even for the small things 

Acknowledgment is a professional way of saying “thank you”

Team building is a brick-by-brick process of best leadership practices  

Encourage your team as a role model with positive leadership

Find the good that lies within each person & channel it effectively

Unity occurs when we overlook personal differences for the greater good   

Leverage grateful leadership within project management for future success

Learn the strengths of each team member thru careful listening & evaluation    

You can transform each new day into “a great & grateful day”