Continuing Gratitude Education – August 2020 Acrostic

Get the Right Attitude Through Gratitude

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AUGUST 2020 Acrostic

by Harry Waldron


 CONTINUING GRATITIDE EDUCATION During August, a new academic year begins for colleges & schools.  In my early college years, I listened to Bruce Williams, a radio talk show host on finance, on the way home from night classes. Often calls would focus on whether one should spend extra time & month to attend college.  He always responded “invest in yourself – what better investment can one make for the future?”  Likewise, we must invest in our own continuing education. Otherwise, our technical, business, or leadership skills will become obsolete.  Grateful Leadership is also an “art” rather than a “science.”  That art must be practiced daily, in order to craft key skills for success during challenging times. And coming to the Center for Grateful Leadership will continue as well as enhance your education in these important skills and competencies. 


Continuing education builds “cutting edge” professional skills

Offer appreciation & acknowledgment where someone has been helpful

New leadership skills can be learned through CGL podcasts & webinars

Teach grateful leadership — by setting good examples each day

Include monthly CGL training – save the webinar date on your calendar

Notice & acknowledge accomplishments – as it improves team morale

Unity can be accomplished in the new, virtual world using grateful leadership  

Invest in continuing education – or your skills will soon become obsolete

Nice folks don’t finish last, as the cream rises to the top of the coffee cup

Grateful leadership can be practiced at home, as well as in the office


Get the right attitude, through a daily practice of gratitude   

Reward superior performance & contributions & teamwork

Affirm team accomplishments – even in our new virtual world  

Touch base with employees beyond status reports on a more personal basis

Invest in learning improved techniques to promote team work

Together it is easier to move a large sofa than working alone

Unity comes by overlooking differences & focusing on achievement

Devote time for technical, business, and leadership education

Education is a career enhancement that pays life-long dividends


Educational growth in leadership can help build a winning team

Develop a leadership approach that affirms & appreciates others

Understanding others comes from listening within the communications model

Celebrate success & uplift the team – as we are all working thru difficult times

Aim for high professional standards using the tools of grateful leadership

Take a quick time out for a CGL podcast, article, or webinar for fresh insight   

Invest in learning new things – then use those new concepts so they sink in  

Often trial-and-error helps us learn – so don’t be afraid to try new things

Now is the time to invest in continuing grateful education