Give Gift of Gratitude – December 2019 Acrostic

By Harry Waldron

“GIVEGIFTOFGRATITUDE”The holiday season ahead will soon be on the way.  It is also a season honored & celebrated with gift-giving, love, and diversity around the world. A kinder & gentler approach is what our family, workplace, and even nations need in current times.

Give lasting gifts of gratitude & kindness during the holiday season

Invent new ways to acknowledge & thank others in 2020  

Very often — a little loving kindness — goes a long way

Embrace new challenges with courage & positive thinking

Give time & space to others to help them work through difficult issues

Invest in a CGL podcast – to learn new and better ways to work with others

For every minute you speak – spend 2 minutes listening

Take time to reflect how others bless us directly & indirectly

Often a few kind words & some thorough planning solve problems   

Fewer problems occur — where there is a spirit of unity & teamwork    

Grateful leadership helps us better work with others

Reward & acknowledge superior accomplishments & efforts 

Acknowledge how blessed we are – as we celebrate during the holidays

Think positively at all times & be kind to others

Influence your team using tools of appreciation & affirmation

Thankfulness is a great skill to build upon for 2020

Unity is what our families, communities & nations need during difficult times    

Decorate for the season – and internally within our hearts

Each new year is a gift – make the most of it & get onboard the “CGL express”