Love Heals – February 2021 Acrostic

Get the Right Attitude through Gratitude – By Harry Waldron

“LOVE HEALS” – During February, we celebrate the month of LOVE.  We can only have a better year of 2021, by treating each other better than we did in 2020.  A starting point is to share kind words, politeness, appreciation, and support.  And to work at overlooking our minor differences — so that we focus more on unity.  Grateful Leadership provides that foundations of kindness toward one another in spite of our many differences.

Love is a form of unconditional acknowledgment & gratitude for others.

One seed of gratitude properly planted will blossom like flowers later.  

Virtual grateful leadership works & it’s the next best thing to being there.

Encouragement is the “secret sauce” for completing challenging tasks.

Harvest a spirit of love & it will make work more enjoyable & successful.

Each grateful act improves the quality of life for family, work, & nations

Acknowledgment makes a difference for both the giver & receiver. 

Let grateful leadership become an automatic & natural part of our character.

Start each day with gratitude & it will become a great & grateful day.